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Building materials, be it recycled, second hand or new? The Building Bargains Group has designed a website to provide an online market for bargain building materials.  Home renovators or builders looking to buy|sell new and recycled building supplies and building scaffolding|building supplies|building bargainsmaterials will find alternatives to the existing high priced retail market with building bargains.

In an era where sustainability and recycling are key generators in building design, The Building Bargains Group fills a market niche by bringing buyers and sellers of new, recycled products, excess building materials or building supplies, together at an easy to navigate website removing the costly addition of the middleman.

There are great benefits of buying recycled building supplies and materials – firstly, you are reducing the demand for new products and secondly reducing landfill.

Recycled Building Supplies and  Materials Australia

The materials available vary but generally a renovator can save between 30 and 50 per cent buying recycled materials compared to new – although there are many specialist items that are one-offs that command a premium. Using second hand building materials is nothing new – it’s been going on for centuries, and there is usually always a wide array of recycled materials available in Sydney.

The Building Bargains website provides a shopping facility for builders, trades people, businesses and the public in all of Australia (NSW, WA, NT, VIC, QLD, TAS)  to deal direct with each other on the web. It is unique in that it is a specialized online trading facility where vendors can sell their products directly to buyers visiting the web site.

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At Building Bargains you can advertise your building supplies and building materials, new building supplies, recycled building materials. To find out how to advertise and also how to find building supplies you are looking for, check this link: Advertise And Search Your Building Supplies|Building Materials Here

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